About us

ISO SOLUTIONS is a company specializing in providing consultation, training and evaluation services in the field of quality management (ISO) in Vietnam. We provide ISO consultation, training and certification services to nationwide public listed companies.  Besides, we also hold training courses including occupational safety, chemical safety, electrical safety for thousands of individuals and businesses in the North of Vietnam. In addition, ISO Solutions provides technical safety inspection services for machinery and equipment to occupational hygiene and safety requirements.

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ISO Solutions - ISO 9001:2015

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Chứng nhận ISO 9001:2015

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Main service:

- Consultation to build the systems in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ...

- KAIZEN, Lean 6 Sigma, 5S

- Labor Safety, Chemical Safety, Electrical Safety Training.

- Vocational elementary level and system management courses.

- Consulting the compliances with Occupational safety and hygiene law, environment protection, fire protection, community responsibility, ...

- Providing personal protective equipment (PPE)

- Technical safety inspection services for machinery and equipment to occupational hygiene and safety requirements.

Our professional Safety, Health and Environment experts work with businesses to find practical, cost-effective solutions that create improvements in their management systems. and demonstrate to all stakeholders that the business has minimized accident risks and legal entanglement.
Benefit from us:
1. Our excellent and qualified staff assist you in complying with relevant regulations
2. To be served by our experienced and passionate experts in all areas of expertise.
3. Independent, practical and effective consulting service is suitable with the business objectives and establishes a management system according to international standards.
4. ISO consulting services with high quality to support for gaining certificate easily.
5. Comprehensive services support businesses effectively with economical and affordable fees

Contact information:


Address: 4th floor, Building No, 22, Ly Tu Trong Street, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City

Hotline: 0906.143.256

Email: info@isosolutions.net

Website: www.isosolutions.net