Training on Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment for Business (KY & Risk Assessment) at SIK Vietnam

Date post: 23-07-2020 | Admin

We had meaningful weekends with Risk Management for Enterprises at SIK Vietnam July 18, Nomura Industrial Park. In the process of going to training at many different business models, training at Japanese enterprises is always the most stressful thing. The value of Japanese enterprises can be seen very clearly, they have applied their management model to Vietnam and strictly adhered to it, as well as optimally invested in human capacity from the very beginning, so Japanese FDI enterprises have a very good background knowledge of their employees, which can be seen very clearly when they present and perform the exercises. Before coming or in the first minutes of setting up the rules of the training session, what you need to do is always: you need to know what they have and how much to apply it to make the interactive session more effective, without wasting time or repeat what they already know.

When consulting or training at Japanese enterprises, at break time/lunch time, I always tell the special management levels, the Production Directors here: you guys should help the enterprises out there. Vietnamese industry needs your knowledge like this very much.

What a fun and meaningful weekend!!! And thank you for the evaluation scores of ~30 SIK students, thank you for giving and receiving.